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Nutritional Therapy Consultations

I offer one to one nutritional advice in person in my Oxford practice or online via Zoom.

The aim of a nutritional therapy practitioner is to get to the bottom of your health problems by looking into different aspects of your being such as lifestyle, genetic makeup, age, family health history and much more. My main goal is to provide you with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help you relieve your symptoms and support you to reach optimal health.

Prior to the consultation, I ask my clients to fill out a health questionnaire and other important documents that need to be returned to me one week before the consultation takes place. This is with the aim to avoid wasting time during the actual consultation and to enable me to prepare for it.

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Nutritional Therapy Prices

Free Complimentary Call

The aim of this call is to give you an opportunity to tell me about the support you may be looking for and your current health challenges. This call is not a consultation but an opportunity for you to see if my services would be useful to you. 

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Assessment Consultation  (2 hours) £200

This consultation is for those who want a health evaluation and guidance on the steps needed to achieve their health goals. During the consultation, we will delve into your current health concerns, medical and health history, family medical history, as well as your current eating patterns, exercise levels, and those aspects of life that may be draining you, physically and mentally. After the consultation, I will send you a personalised nutritional and lifestyle plan, alongside meal and supplement suggestions.

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Follow-up Consultation (1 Hour) £100

For those clients who have previously had an assessment consultation. It is recommended to have a Follow-up consultation 4-6 weeks after an Assessment consultation to assess progress and compliance.

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DNA consultation

(1 hour) Prices on Enquiry

If you would purchase any DNA testing this consultation is necessary so I am able to assess your current health status and health journey. The information gathered during the information will be used in conjunction with the DNA result test to provide you with a summary action plan to optimise your health and minimise your risk of chronic diseases.

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"Intuitive and knowledgeable…"

Itzy is an angel. She gives her all to her practice and really cares for her clients. Itzy is intuitive, and knowledgeable and takes a lot of time to look in detail at what a client needs, without drawing conclusions too quickly. She is pragmatic and careful. Her way of life is reflected in her work and is an inspiration to be around.

Sara Cresswell | Photographer | Sep 2023| Oxford