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DNA Testing

I use DNA Testing in my practice for a Preventive, Proactive and Personalised approach to health. DNA testing provides us with immensely valuable information which will remain relevant for life. We are born with certain genes and that can't be changed. However, our lifestyle and diet can influence their expression. These tests are a powerful tool to help prevent life-threatening diseases and to improve quality of life. They are easy to do in the comfort of your own home and are suitable for anybody looking to optimise their health, to those that are looking to decrease the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, and to those that, are already suffering from an illness or condition.

Please note that you will need to book an hour consultation with me which includes a preliminary health questionnaire and other documents, to purchase any DNA test. This is so that I can assess your current health status and health journey.

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DNA Tests Price Lists 

DNA Consultation £100

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DNA Health £259

This is the most comprehensive and therefore the most expensive test.


1 DNA Test £216

This is the standardised price for all other tests except DNA Health.


DNA Bundles for one person

2 DNA Tests  £419

3 DNA Tests  £529

4 DNA Tests  £639

Bundles available up to 9 - please get in touch to discuss more bundle options.

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DNA Health Test

This test is concerned with optimising health, energy, and well-being while preventing disease by making better lifestyle and diet choices and using supplements tailored to offset any nutritional deficit or genetic shortcoming. DNA Health can be viewed as a “foundation to health” test.

This test is recommended for:

  • Those who already suffer from health complaints such as chronic fatigue, gut issues, cardiovascular disease, or insulin resistance.
  • People who are concerned about a family history of chronic disease or their lifestyle.
  • Those who would like to optimise health outcomes as mentioned above.


 DNA Oestrogen Test

This test is of benefit to the following groups:

  • Women and men who have a strong family history of breast, ovarian, colon or prostate cancer.
  • Women who suffer from oestrogen-dominant conditions such as endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, and uterine fibroid tumours.
  • Women with a higher exposure to oestrogen such as women taking oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy or bio-identical hormone supplementation, or those who are undergoing in vitro fertilisation.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.


DNA Diet Test

This is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of diet and lifestyle recommendations to manage weight. It provides insight into which diet type (low carbohydrate, low fat, or Mediterranean diet), would be most suitable for you, according to your unique genetic makeup.

DNA Diet is recommended for:

  • Weight management (to lose weight or maintain an optimal weight)
  • Weight loss resistance (barriers to weight loss)
  • Gain insight into diet and exercise responsiveness
  • Macronutrient distribution (carbohydrate, total fat, and fatty acid composition)
  • Determining the best diet possible for an individual


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DNA Mind Test

This test looks at 37 gene variations, which have been shown, in numerous studies, to have significant associations with mental health disorders.

DNA mind reports on the following areas:

  • Neurodegenerative disorders – mild cognitive decline & late-onset Alzheimer's disease.
  • Mood regulation - Depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder & posttraumatic stress disorder.
  • Addictive behaviour – Risk for alcohol, nicotine, cannabis & opioid dependence, psychosis response from cannabis use, eating disorders (binge eating), adrenaline seeking/ risk-taking behaviour.

DNA Smile Test

This test is designed to give insights into the state of your oral health and your predisposition for developing periodontal disease, tooth cavities and other systemic diseases. It reports on 20 gene variations involved in the key biological areas including Innate immunity, Inflammation and acquired immunity, sweet-tooth predisposition, Detoxification, and Lipid metabolism – all of which are central in the management of periodontal and systemic health. 

The DNA Smile report offers targeted, personalised diet, nutraceutical, lifestyle, and oral health recommendations to offset possible genetic weaknesses and optimise oral and systemic health outcomes.


DNA Sport Test

This test provides insight into various biological areas impacting training responsiveness (injury susceptibility and recovery), sports performance (power and endurance performance), caffeine metabolism, salt sensitivity, and peak performance time. The results of the DNA Sport test can be used to optimise performance by personalising your training program to enhance any genetic advantages and identify any weaknesses that need to be supported through training and nutrition strategies.


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three ladies close up with unique skin conditions


DNA Skin Test

This test analyses genes involved in biological areas that influence skin health and aging such as the regulation of collagen formation and its breakdown, giving insight to the firmness and elasticity of the skin; sun sensitivity and pigmentation; sun damage, protection, and repair.

The results of the DNA Skin report can be used to personalise the products an individual uses on their skin as well as diet, nutraceutical, and lifestyle recommendations to improve the functioning of key biological pathways that influence the health of your skin.


DNA Resilience Test

This test provides valuable insights into how you can learn to thrive under adverse conditions, using personalised diet, nutraceutical, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations to boost your resilience potential and improve your health outcomes.

DNA Resilience is a genetic test targeted at individuals who want to: lead more effectively (in business, sport, and life); cope better under stressful and demanding conditions; enhance their mental, emotional, and physical health; and live up to their fullest potential.


Growbaby Test

This test is designed to help identify maternal health risks and intervene with personalised diet, lifestyle, and supplement advice, to optimise health outcomes for mother and baby. The benefit of improved pregnancy and birth outcomes extends beyond the perinatal period through adulthood.


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DNA test results for multiple medications


Medcheck Test

This test analyses and reports on genetic variation within 63 genes that can affect an individual's response to approximately 200 different medications, in terms of efficacy, and possible side effects. Inter-individual variation in drug metabolism is an important factor affecting successful drug therapy.


Core Test

This test is a great starting point on your journey to personalised healthcare. This test reports on gene-environment interactions and provides personalised, easy-to-follow, summarised recommendations on four core areas:

  • Key biological processes that drive health include methylation, detoxification, and lipid metabolism.
  • Macro and micronutrient requirements based on genetic response.
  • Weight management insights such as obesity risk and eating behaviour.
  • Exercise responsiveness including power and endurance potential, and recovery time.




"The DNA testing specifically helped me... "

I started working with Itziar following my PCOS diagnosis. I was really struggling with my self-image and overall health, I was excessively exercising and eating what I thought was right, but those habits were actually making my symptoms so much worse! Itziar has taught me so much and given me such helpful knowledge and advice, I would still be struggling and feeling lost without her help. The DNA testing specifically helped me, it was so interesting to learn about my unique genetic make-up and characteristics. I took the DNA mind, oestrogen and health, the results informed me of certain foods that my body does not agree with, my sensitivity to caffeine, and suggested certain behaviours and habits that will help reduce my chances of developing health issues.

Having a history of cancer in my family, Itziar helped to educate me on ways in which I can change my lifestyle to minimise risks and be proactive, rather than feeling overwhelmed and anxious as I was before. For the life-long information provided, the cost is more than worth it and it is so useful to be able to refer back to those results to explain/understand certain behaviours and my reactions to situations, specifically insulin sensitivity and other issues caused by my PCOS. Itziar has helped me feel thankful for my body, food, and the nutrients it can give us. Her advice and the small changes I've made to my lifestyle have helped in ways more than I could ever have imagined. I'm so grateful to her and cannot recommend her services enough, she is just an overall amazing woman who is so happy to help others.

Jess English | April 12th 2023 | London